Like any Gillmore Girls fan, you probably have a healthy obsession with Coffee. We have great news for you; Hawaii is one of the BEST coffee destinations in the world. In fact according to Wikipedia “The only state in the United States of America able to grow coffee plants commercially is Hawaii.[1]

In this post we list our top 5 coffee shops on Oahu.

  1. Morning Glass
  2. Arvo Cafe
  3. Island Brew Coffee
  4. Surfers Coffee Bar
  5. Morning Brew

Like you’ve probably experienced, the quality of the coffee itself is not the only contributing factor to what makes it a great experience. We take this into consideration when crafting this list for you. We’ve simmered it down to the following measurements of a good coffee spot:

  • The Coffee
  • The Environment
  • The Baristas
  • The Wifi

We think this combination of elements make up for a cup of magical “Gillmore approved” coffee. Wether visiting Hawaii for the first time, or if you consider yourself a local, this list is for you. So serve yourself a nice cup of joe and lets get started!

01. Morning Glass

Located in Manoa Valley on Oahu, this local coffee and breakfast spot is almost always busy. The Morning Glass menu focuses on simple preparations of great ingredients, made from scratch whenever possible, with an emphasis on seasonal, local and sustainable products. Everything here is tasty, from the scones to the breakfast burrito. And of course their coffee is some of the best on the island. We highly recommend trying the Morning Glass Mocha, that stuff is liquid gold. All of their syrups and pumps are made in house, so its one of the more unique cups of coffee you’ll have in Honolulu. Read Reviews and get directions

02. Arvo Cafe

Nestled in Kaka’ako, you will find a quaint and homey café that is sure to satisfy your coffee and toast cravings. Started by sisters Casey Wiggins and Dixie Rose, and Dixie’s husband Mason Rose, Arvo is an Australian inspired café focusing on coffee and Aussie-style food. Arvo makes a drink called a Flat White, originating from the land down under, has more microfoam and less volume than a Latte. The quality of coffee and friendly baristas make this place quite the charmer. Read Reviews and get directions

03. Island Brew Coffee

Island Brew Coffeehouse serves 100% Hawaii coffees locally grown and roasted weekly in partnership with Rusty’s Hawaii. Custom drip blend and 100% Hawaii espresso. Premium Rusty’s coffees including their signature Ka’u, Kona, and a Maui Mokka Peaberry. These coffees all scored over 90 by Coffee Review. Enjoy a variety of Award Winning – Hawaii grown coffee. In addition to the wonderful brew, this coffee shop over looks the harbor at Hawaii Kai. It’s chill vibe and passing boats on the ocean water make for a peace filled experience. Read Reviews and get directions

04. Surfers Coffee Bar

Surfers Coffee Bar is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run neighborhood coffee shop in Wahiawa featuring direct trade Sumptown coffee, tea, live music, art and community events! If you are on the way to the North Shore or returning from a good surf sesh, Surfers Coffee Bar welcomes you to a friendly and warm surf-themed ambiance with a legit cup of coffee waiting for you. Read Reviews and get directions

05. Morning Brew

Providing tasty, healthy food and the freshest organic coffee in a friendly, welcoming space with the friendliest service on the island. Whether it’s serving up fabulous new Breakfast Pizza, or crafting a latte complete with a hand-poured rosetta on top, they strive to always make it an exquisite experience. With some of the most popular beaches just a couple miles away, this place is a must stop for your caffeine fix. Read Reviews and get directions

What are your favorite coffee spots on Hawaii?
Comment below 😀

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  1. Tiffani

    Green world coffee farm… Just about a 5 minute drive from schofield military base. Great place and very kid friendly.

    1. mm
      TravelHawaii Listing Owner

      Thats a great place too, do you have a favorite coffee there?

  2. Bm

    -brew and foam, waialua
    -coffee farm, wahiawa

    1. mm
      TravelHawaii Listing Owner

      I think we just went to Coffee Farm, is that the one with the green sign?

  3. Dania

    On Maui? We love Bella Surf cafe in Kiehi. And Mill House Roasting in Waikapu.
    On Kauai? Hanai Kauai.
    On Hawai’i Island? Kona Coffee and Tea.

    1. mm
      TravelHawaii Listing Owner

      @Dania those sound great! Can’t wait to try them!

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