Things to do in Hawaii

The Hawaii islands are popular vacation destinations and all visitors get a warm welcome. It is enticing to hang around on a sandy beach and getting tanned, however there are so many fantastic things to do in Hawaii. Its volcanoes, coast, and wildlife make it one of the most attractive places on the globe. You can find a lot of operators offering guided sightseeing tours and unique Hawaiian adventures. No matter if it is your first Hawaii trip professional guides and instructors will show you the attractions of the islands from exploring underwater submarine to view the colorful fish and corals to breathtaking helicopter trips.

Things to do in Hawaii

Really popular are helicopter tours as they provide really spectacular sights. Among the many ways to discover the many attractions it is absolutely the most beneficial option to move around quickly. It’s an excellent way of viewing volcanos at close quarters and the helicopter pilots are keen to explain you everything. There is a wide range of tours to the different islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Big Island you can choose from.

All of people who have got swimming with dolphins will enjoy that unbelievable encounter. The Sea Life Park at Makapuu Point, near Waikiki, is one of the places that provide this action in Hawaii. You can swim for just about 30 half an hour and get your photo taken with the dolphin. At this fun park you can also watch animal shows with penguins and sea lions.

Several agencies run tours that combine a number of things you can do in Hawaii. You are able to participate on a boat tour that provides snorkeling in a coral reef and swimming with dolphins. You will also have the chance to watch Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, and whales. These tours almost always include snorkeling equipment, refreshments, and instruction.

You should even try to go with one of the really popular night cruises. These trips set off in time that you are able to experience the sunset and sail in comfort and marvel at the stars. The excursion is even more particular if it coincides with a meteor shower or an eclipse. These night trips usually last a few hours and come with drinks and dinner.

Another thing that can be easily done on a vacation in Hawaii is horseback riding. It’s a marvelous option to see the beautiful countryside and get off the beaten track where you may want to explore tropical orchards, forests, mountains, and some beaches that are out of the way. Usually these riding groups are small and are geared to beginners. This is why the horses are well trained and helpful instruction is offered.

A thrilling sport you can do in Hawaii is sea kayaking in summer or winter that also gives opportunities to see secluded sea caves, stunning little known beaches, and wildlife. At wintertime, you could watch the magnificent Humpback Whales. Nevertheless, one of the most popular things to do in Hawaii is surfing. Qualified staff provide lessons for short board or long board for beginners.

One of the best things about going to Hawaii, having a Hawaii wedding or a Hawaii honeymoon is all of the incredible Hawaii activities available. There’s so much to do, you may have difficulty in choosing. No problem. One of the easiest ways is to purchase a tour. You’ll get transportation and all the info you might miss on your own. Here’s a guide to lead you to all of the fun!

Oahu Activities:

Oahu, home to Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach, has something for everyone. There’s all the big city shopping and nightlife that you would expect to find, but Oahu is so much more.

Pearl Harbor is available to tour free. You take a short ferry ride to the site. Get there early to avoid the lines. There are jewelry and clothing stores with what you would hope to see in Hawaii. Pearls and brightly colored tropical clothes. Be sure to stop at Hilo Hatties for some coffee and macadamia nut treats.

The luau’s are some of the best the islands have to offer. The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a glimpse into the Polynesian culture and don’t miss the dramatic north shore. This is where you will find the big waves and surfers.

Dole Pineapple offers tours in the middle of the island. Be sure to sample some ice cream. There’s also Cirque Hawaii, Diamond Head Volcano and the Bishop Museum.

Maui Activities:

Maui is an incredibly beautiful island and is becoming on of the most popular to visit. The Haleakala Crater, many beautiful waterfalls and great hiking are all very popular. The Sugar Cane Train between Lahaina town and the resorts of Kaanapali have great views of the West Maui Mountains.

The road to Hana is a great and slow paced ride. There are several luaus to choose from. Snorkeling, diving, para-sailing and zip-lines are all fun, active sports. Whale watching in the winter is probably what Maui is best known for.

Big Island Activities (Hawaii Activities):

The Big island has a lot to offer. It is the biggest island and offers several different temperature zones. A volcano tour is one of the best reasons to come. You can get close and personal with an active volcano. You can either drive and hike in or take a helicopter tour.

The black sand beaches are something you don’t see every day. Kealakekua Bay, Waipio Valley and Mauna Kea are all incredible sights.

Kauai Activities:

Kauai is a much slower pace but, probably one of the most beautiful islands. It’s known as the Garden Isle for a reason. you can take a spectacular helicopter tour over Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It’s also an incredible drive into the canyon with it’s twisty roads.

There’s the Wailua River cruise in to see the Fern Grotto or mountain tubing. The Na Pali coastline with it’s steep cliffs is best seen by air or water. You can combine it with a snorkeling trip.

Molokai Activities:

Molokai has Hawaii’s tallest waterfall. You can ride a mule down to Kalaupapa or hike deep into a pristine Hawaiian rain forest.

Lanai Activities:

On Lanai you can pamper yourself, go hiking, surfing or rent an ATV. Lanai is all about the incredible beauty.

The Hawaiian Islands offer something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want your Hawaii activities in a 5 star resort or in the middle of a rain forest. You’ll find an activity (or 20) that will please and excite you. Come, explore and rejuvenate your body and soul.