In today’s world, adopting a minimalistic lifestyle is becoming something of a trend. Even so, when my husband and I share what we’ve done to apply some of these “minimalist” concepts we’re often met with some questions. 

The choice most questioned? Living without a car. 

By no means is this a new way of life (especially for those living in cities like San Fran or NYC) but if it weren’t for Uber, living car-less wouldn’t be have been fiscally viable with our income.

Because of Uber, we are less stressed and more excited than ever for the gains we’re making in life! We truly couldn’t be more grateful for the innovation of this app and the people who are willing to drive us each day. 

With that said, here are just 7 reasons why we traded in our car for the Uber life (and why we’re super glad we did):

Uber Saves Us Money:

Last year, our 2004 Honda Civic completely died… for the third time in nine months. But the last straw was when the cost of repair would have been more than we paid for the car. At that point, we knew it was time to crunch some numbers and entertain the idea of living without a car. 

Taking into account the cost of parking, insurance, etc., the numbers suggested we could save about 2k a year if we opted to budget Uber rides instead of maintaining a car (and much more if we didn’t borrow money for a new car). 

What we didn’t expect was how much we would enjoy not having a car. For example…

Uber Lowered Our Stress:

Not only can car ownership in the city be expensive, it’s actually pretty stressful. Just the parking and traffic alone were huge stress points that I honestly had no idea existed until I no longer had a driving life. 

I also thought I would miss not having a car, but being escorted around town has turned out to be more wonderful than I ever knew. Mostly because…

We Meet Cool People Every Day:

One of the ways my husband and I determine our personal “success” is by sharing laughter and stories with others. We especially love talking with entrepreneurs in the grind, and as you may have guessed, many Uber drivers are pursuing other businesses.

Just like supporting any small business you believe in, it feels really great to contribute to the lives of people in our community this way. Along with drivers being great to talk with… 

Uber Drivers Have Great Recommendations:

If you live in a place as amazing as Hawaii, it goes without saying that there is always something new to discover. Talking with drivers, we often learn new things that are happening around the island and once you’ve tried that awesome wine bar or new beer brewery, you’ll need a ride home. And therein, you’ll find…

Uber is a Faithful Designated Driver:

Never again do you have to play the “you drink, I’ll drive” game. That’s been a definite perk in life- not only for road safety but for the quality of our love life too*wink*.  

Every now and then, we do like to take more extensive adventures. For that, we rent a car and have a total blast! Unlike when I had a car, driving is actually a treat because…

Uber Made Driving Special:

Every couple months, we like to rent a car and explore where we live- and now, it’s super special when we do. We’re signed up for a few mailing lists that send car rental specials and when we find a great deal, we plan a “stay-cation” of it!

Initially, we didn’t know how much we would benefit from using Uber. It was a scary shift, but because we were over maintaining our junky car we had to take a closer look at our lifestyle, finances, and what was most realistic going forward. 

Ultimately, we made the decision to go car-less because…

Uber Just Made Sense for Our City Life:

Truly, we actually walk most places. But the fact that our daily life happens within a ten-mile radius means Uber is affordable and convenient for when we’re in a time crunch or have to travel a bit farther.  

If I’m honest, the only things I miss about driving myself is being able to sing really loudly and play wheel-drums (probably not the safest habit). Living without insurance payments, gas pumping or road rage has been a total blessing to my life and something I would recommend to anyone.

If you’ve never tried Uber, here’s a ride on us: Free Ride. No matter how you travel, we hope you travel with Aloha!

In Joy,