Looking for the perfect romantic date night in Honolulu without breaking the bank? We have just the list for you.

While the hubby and I love dressing up for special occasions, spending $300 dollars on dinner isn’t really our cup our cup of tea (or in this case, our glass of wine) so since we try to keep our date nights around $150, each place we’ve listed is moderately priced at $25-50 per person.

We hope you discover and enjoy the perfect Valentine’s day together!

Nobu Honolulu: Elegant Dinner & Movie

Nobu Japanese Restaurant

While Nobu isn’t new to Honolulu, it’s certainly one of Ward’s hottest new additions. With its modern Japanese cuisine and elegant ambiance, Nobu is the perfect spot for a romantic evening- especially if you love dinner and a movie! The theater directly across the street).

For dinner, enjoy the famous Black Cod + Eggplant Miso for a truly inspiring meal. For dessert, try the perfectly sweetened Chocolate Martini- it’s one of those rare drinks you’ll find delightfully life-changing. 

Ward Theaters:

If you plan to catch a movie with dinner, you’ll find the theaters across the street from Nobu. Be sure to get tickets in the 21+ section for the classic “in-home” theater experience, complete with the reclining “la-z-boy” chairs. As one may guess, the 21+ section also allows wine & beer. Be sure to select a seat in the BB or CC section for the best view and don’t forget to bring a jacket.

Local Tip: Tuesday nights at Consolidated 16 theater, tickets are 1/2 off and Valentine’s Day just happens to fall on Tuesday!

Vintage Cave Cafe: Music + Gourmet Cuisine

vintage cafe

The Vintage Cave Cafe is the little sister to Hawaii’s exclusive Vintage Cave Club but just as big in authentic, gourmet flavors. Vintage Cave is head by chef Takai Oda, named Michelin Star of Parma, Italy and the food certainly sings “Amore!” Along with outstanding cuisine, they often have live jazz or soothing melodies playing over dinner.

Local Tip: This spot is also perfect if you plan to do some shopping together for Valentine’s day, as it’s located on the ground floor of Ala Moana mall.

Buho Cantina: Rooftop Latin Fusion

We love Buho for 2 main reasons: one, you will feel comfortable dressed up or casual. And two, they are one of the few restaurants with delicious food that doesn’t close before 11PM. As a bonus, if you happen to be planning to spend this Valentine’s day with a large group, Buho’s has ample seating.

Local tip: If you want to plan your Valentine’s date early and like to dance Salsa, this is the best spot for live music the 5th of each month.

Sistina: Romantic Italian Dinner

sistina Italian honolulu

For a quiet, delicious Italian dinner away from the bustle of the city, visit Sistina Honolulu. The service is fabulous, ambiance beautiful, and the food is always perfection. You may need reservations on Valentine’s day, but this is a great spot for a quaint dinner together.

Local Tip: If you’re planning to make Valentine’s day a family affair, Sistina is kid friendly.

Cafe Maharani: Indian Cuisine (BYOB):


Ok, so dressing up for Maharanis is totally unnecessary but because the food is just so damn good we had to add it to our date list. It’s also BYOB!

Local Tip: This spot is first-come-first-serve, so try to go after normal dinner hours (we usually go around 8ish). You can also put your name on the list, go shopping for your beverages next door at Down to Earth or Longs Drugs, then come back to be seated. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Livestock Tavern: Brownstones & Cocktails

livestock tavern chinatown

If a meaty comfort meal in an industrial vintage setting sounds romantic to you, then you’ll love Livestock Tavern. It’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and fantastic service will make this a date spot to return to. http://livestocktavern.com/

Tchin Tchin

After dinner at Livestock, head upstairs to Tchin Tchin for a fantastic cocktail in a Brooklyn style rooftop bar. It’s a little hard to find, so don’t hesitate to ask your server at Livestock how to get there.

Local Tip: If you’re headed to China Town for a date, take an Uber! The streets and parking in Chinatown can be a major headache.

Modern Study: Live Music & Martinis

study honolulu Modern

If you’re into the idea of dressing up and going out, but thinking drinks over dinner, the Study at the Modern is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious drinks and listen to local, live music. Currently, the Study hosts local performers every night between 8:30-10PM and each one is incredibly talented.

Local Tip: This is definitely better for couples on non-busy weekdays. On certain weekends, it can be difficult to find a seat. Since V-Day is on Tuesday, you may have a decent time finding a seat. If it happens to be jam packed, there are amazing mango margaritas across the street at Outback.

Doraku: Japanese Cuisine

Top 10 Valentine's Day Restaurants: Honolulu 3

If you ask anyone living in town (aka south shore Honolulu) where to go for sushi, many of them will refer you to Doraku. While there are certainly other spots around town serving up incredible sushi, the modern Japanese experience with a moderate price point puts Doraku at the top of many “towner’s” favorite spot for date night.

Local Tip: Doraku closes at 11 pm and gets pretty busy for happy-hour, but if you can’t snag a table, there’s usually ample bar seating.

We hope you enjoy an incredible time with your honey-bun this Valentine’s Day! Look for our next article on unique date ideas…

In Joy & Aloha,

Samantha Switalski