You’ve done a lot of work to get here. You saved money. You made the time. And now it’s time to go. But how can you make the very most of your adventure? Here are some tips to soaking up each moment.

  1. Create an Itinerary:

    The key to being present on your trip is not having to think about the next thing once you’re there. Especially if you’re only going somewhere for a couple days, it’s especially vital to plan out your time. This is not to say you throw spontaneity out the window. You can always skip some things on your list. But the reality is: planning out your trip will free you from planning during your trip.

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  2. Slow Down:

    *This point is primarily for my A-type peeps*

    On the topic of planning your trip, Goggle will estimate a certain amount of commute time between your destinations, so if you’re estimating a 15 min commute, plan for 30 mins. Especially if you’re visiting a populated area on the weekend. Add a reasonable about of time to your commute between destinations so you can take in the sights. Also, if you arrive places on time or early, you’ll actually feel like you’re crushing your vacation! *hand praise*

  3. Dress for Comfort:

    One of the biggest travel faux-pas I ever made was wearing stiletto heels on a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (especially embarrassing because I used to live in NY and should have known better). But after that walk of shame, I happily bought myself some Nikes and comfortably enjoyed the rest of my time in the city.

    Moral here: ditch the dress ideal. The great part about being a tourist is that you’re allowed to look like one. You’re not likely to see many of these people again, but if by chance you happen to run into Jennifer Lawerence and capture an “us-ie”, your comfy Nikes won’t be in the shot, nor should you count on her judging wearing practical footwear.

    So don’t worry. Be comfy.

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  4. Document your Experience:

    When I travel, I bring my laptop and camera to document my journey. On our last trip, I brought my Instax Polaroid and had an amazing time documenting some of our best moments. I’m always inspired with clarity when I travel too, so it helps to have your physical planner and laptop to jot everything down (*this categorizes as a tip for A-types also). This plan is much better than having to rummage through pages of “notes” from your iPhone. Much better.

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  5. Be Open:

    Planning is only half of having an epic adventure: being open to the possibility of trying something new, conversing with strangers, and spontaneous invitations are essential to making the most of your trip. Keep an open mind to what might be in store. Stay caffeinated. Whatever you need to do to keep your spirits up and heart open to possibility- do that.

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    Traveling really is a luxury and something to be cherished. Soak it in!

Happy Travels,
Samantha & Bryan Switalski


5 Tips on Making the Most of Your Adventures


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