Inside my mini-bag, you’ll find everything needed to keep cozy, entertained and satiated.

packing minimalist carry on

What you’ll find in my personal Item:

  • Macbook
  • Earphones
  • Spilt-jack (for shared cinema hour)
  • Neck Pillow
  • Dried Fruits & Nuts
  • Fig Bars
  • Makeup-Bag w/ jewelry
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Planner & Pen
  • Instax Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleep Mask
  • Charger Cords

When Going to the Cold:

  • Coat
    *Usually, I carry my coat in hand.
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Lotion
  • Chapstick

What you’ll find in my Carry-On:

  • An additional pair of shoes
    *I’m wearing my toms on the plane and for most of the trip
  • An extra sweater
  • An extra t-shirt/tank
  • An extra pair of pants
  • Toiletries
    *I use the little travel size containers w/ my stuff from home
  • PJs
  • Undies (4-5 pc. I don’t mess with my undie situation)

In regards to packing sensibly, I try to take clothes that are easy to mix and match so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing the same thing for a week. You’ll find what works for you. These are just some ideas to get you started.

Happy Travels,
Samantha & Bryan


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  1. Justin

    Hey, I admire you so much! I always want to go to Hawaii!

    I like your list as well. Last year, I had a lot of trips, if I saw your list earlier, I would do better for my trip.

    I just saw an amazing thing named “fly legs up”, it can let you rest your legs on the back of your front chair on the plane, it makes you more comfortable, particularly, you are in the middle seat.

    For the neck pillow, to me, it’s very important, because I have neck problems, I can’t sleep at all without a very supportive neck pillow, so, I did a lot of researches. Then I found this one here:, That is the one I’m using for my trip during a long distance flight, it’s the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used.

    Keep us the great work!

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